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Finished Sweater, finished socks, further plans: Update on my year of projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved in recent weeks. And there are quite some weeks since I posted my last update >>, this was middle of March!

Finished: My Riyito sweater is done

Finished on March 22: My Riyito sweater from sock yarn

When I last posted, I was working on the sleeve of my Riyito >>, and I finished it a week later - see here >> I quite like it - it could be a tad longer in the front. As it is so wide, there is some "air circulation" at the seams which should idealy not be there. But I neverthless like it, I wore it quite a bit already and I also can highly recommend the pattern book "Short Row Knits" * >> by Carol Feller

Finished: Plain vanilla Opal socks , Business trip knitting part 1

Finished March 29: My plain vanilla socks from Opal Gallery

I was quite advanced with my Opal socks >> made from Opal Illusion self-striping yarn * >> when I last posted. I finished them by the end of March. Those were mainly knit as early-morning knitting, i.e. I knit on them for about 30 minutes each morning after waking up. However, most of the first sock was knitted during my business trip to Bologna middle of March.

Finished: Forest Moon of Endor sock, business trip knitting part 2

Finished April 6: Forest Moon of Endor socks from Buttinette yarn

I also mentioned this in my last update: There was another buisness trip on the horizon beginning of April, via train to Paris this time. I knitted the same pattern in April 2016, when I was last travelling to Paris for the same trade show. So I casted them on>> from the last ball of my Buttinette yarn. To use up that yarn was part of my 6-in-2019-resolutions >>

The pattern looks way more complicated than it is, and it has an alternative heel construction which I quite enjoyed.

However, the reason why those were done in about a week is not such a pleasant one: When I was already sitting in the train that was supposed to take me back, there was an announcement at the Gare de L'Est: Due to a computer problem, no train was going to leave (or come into) the station on that day. You were supposed to "look for an alternative way of transportation" *grrrrr* - thank you very much!!!

So, my colleague and me took the metro to the Gare du Nord and took the Thalys train which goes to Cologne via Brussels. I have never been to Brussels before (well, and still have not been, we just passed the central station...), so why not?

At least I was at home nearly the same day (at 1 a.m the next, to be exact) AND I got a lot of knitting done!

Next sweater in the making: Spring striped shirt from stash yarn

Shortly after separation for front and back: My spring striped shirt from stash yarn

After finishing already two>> pullovers >> in 2019, I really do not want to knit anything else than pullovers - no shawls, no small stuff, just pullovers!

In addition, as both of those sweaters had stripes, I really like stripes at the moment, so why don't make another striped sweater >>?

So I searched my stash and found some more of the Meilenweit comfort sockyarn with bamboo *>> and some of the Aldi yarn I bought beginning of the year >>. I casted on the Spring Striped Shirt >> , a free pattern from Purl Soho and I quite like it so far.

I just separated front and back and I hope I will be able to finish it if not before, than shortly after Easter - we will see.

The weather was pleasantly warm last weekend, so I started the outdoor knitting season last weekend. Winter is back today, it is only 4 degrees celsius, and it snowed in areas of our city which are a bit more elevated...

Starting outdoor knitting season by April 7 2019 with my Spring Striped Shirt 

#Bakerstwine virus and another train incident

There is a virus going around in my local knitting group: Everybody is knitting the Bakerstwine potholders by Rosa P., so I also casted on some >>, using leftover cotton yarn. You use that yarn doubled,which creates a thick, squishy fabric ideal for potholders.

My Bakerstwine potholder, without its lost twin

I casted mine on last Saturday and finished the first one before I drove to knitting group (by tram) yesterday. I casted on the second there and made good progress- I actually knit all what you can see on the photo above during knitting group.

However, I got distracted and by mistake casted on 1 pattern repeat less than for the first one - well, no big deal, I thought... I ran out of the olive green yarn, but this was the second one, and I wanted to use up the yarn anyway, right... ?

Well, I took the tram back and nearly missed the stop I had to get off. When hurrying to get out, I seem to have lost potholder no 1.... So, now I have a single potholder in the making and I have to dive deep into my stash to find some somehow matching yarn to make its twin - I was really furious yesterday!

I think it might be a good idea to wait a little before deciding what to do here.
In addtion, I have to say that I am not totally bitten by the bakerstwine virus - it is a fun pattern, but I do not feel the urge to produce loads of them currently.

Inspiration from knitting group: Additions to my queue

I assume I am not the only one who takes back a lot of inspiration from going to knitting group >> So there have been some additions to my queue from yesterday's trip to Karlsruhe:

Sweater Pattern Magpie Tendency

Cropped sweater from sockyarn: Magpie Tendency 
One of my knitting friends had this pattern by Skeinanigans >> on her needles, a cropped layering sweater to use that precious skein of sockyarn. I am really into cropped sweaters currently, so I plan to do this soon.

Gumdrops shawl by JumperCables

Nice eylet shwal: Gumdrop shawl by JumperCables

Another knitting friend was wearing this shawlette >> and I really like it. Once my shawl knitting mojo is back, I will cast this on.

Wellenreiter: Nice strucured lace pattern

Very nice from self-striping sockyarn: Wellenreiter

A third knitting friend was working on the Wellenreiter scarf >>, using a gradient yarn (Schoppel Zauberball * >>, to be exact) . As already mentioned, I am not into shawl knitting, and I do not really like knitting rectangular scarfs, but I loved the stitch pattern! I would probably not even block it to keep the highly structured, nearly sculptural pattern.

So, this was it from my side - how has your knitting been?
Please let me know in the comments below!

Linked to Auf den Nadeln >> and Stricklust >>

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15 Kommentare:

  1. Nice to see you back and what lovely things you’ve been busy making. Your jumper may suit this new fashion which I think is the French half tuck or something like that, where you tuck in the front of your jumper but not the back. The actress Bree Larson was wearing it and Oprah commented on it and the clip is on Oprah’s Instagram. Anyway it looks great and such perfect colours for spring. I say you’ve been to I’ve been to many US states because I changed planes there or the greyhound bus from Detroit to San Francisco went through them 😂

    1. Ok, so I have been to Brussels, then... Greyhound bus from Detroit to San Francisco sounds adventurous!

    2. It was a nightmare. We were supposed to be taking the train but they went on strike so we ended up sitting on a bus with vinyl seats for 50 hours....50 hours! When we finally got off we sat on the curb and cried.

  2. All of your projects are gorgeous. I love the stripes! Looking forward to seeing your next projects.

    1. Thanks Lucy! I bought the pattern for Magpie Tendency and casted on yesterday...

  3. Your new striped sweater looks like it will be lovely. I like the colors you've chosen so far. And I hope someone found your fine potholder and is using it. How disappointing to lose all that work.

    1. Thanks Becki! Well, I meanwhile think it was for a reason that I lost it - would not have been the matching size anyway as I casted on one pattern repeat less for no. 2

  4. So glad to have you back. You have done so much knitting in the past few weeks. Wow! Sweater Socks, Another pair of socks, pot holder and another sweater on the needles. I am impressed with how much you have completed.

    1. Thanks! Well, a lot of knitting time on the train helps... ;-)

  5. I love the term knitting virus - I will have to remember to mention it to my knitgroup when we all get on the same kick - like all doing hitchhiker! Your finished sweater is lovely and looks great on you too!

    1. Yes, we had several viruses already - many did the Nuvem (not me, rectangular is not my thing...) or the Gipsy Girl hat...

  6. The Riyito is gorgeous as are the socks, it seems you've been busy and it's lovely seeing you back and catching up on all your projects. Garments are addictive and once you start they are all you want to knit on. I love the stripes of the new garment. It's not been mild enough yet here to begin some outside knitting but I'm looking forward to it.

    1. Thanks Ruth! Well, I am always going through phases - last year, it was all the gradients, the year before all the cardigans - and maybe 2019 will be the year of the sweater

  7. What beautiful items you have been knitting up! I faved several. It's hard for me at my age (70) as there isn't a part of my body that doesn't need covering up! LOL! You have such a cute figure though and the sweater and jeans looks darling on you. I love stripes and your new cast on using leftovers? It looks beautiful! Those potholders are very pretty and I may have to try them. In the past I have loved the affect of using 2 different color yarns together. Your combination is really pretty.
    Glad you are back as you are so inspiring. I wish I lived there as I love trains and here there are none where I live.

  8. Ooo, love the Riyito! The colors are stunning. The socks look lovely (even if the reason you got so much done on them was annoying). And losing the potholder must have been frustrating, but at least it was not a sock or other long project. I'm looking forward to seeing the latest jumper grow.


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