Sonntag, 20. Januar 2019

The UFO has landed: Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week

First UFO finished: Breathing Space Sweater

Remember that I started to work again on my Breathing Space from sock yarn >> ?, Well that went quite well! Last week, I was halfway through the first sleeve >>

I finished the first sleeve beginning of last week and the second sleeve on Saturday afternoon. We had beautiful sunny (but cold) weather, so I laid it out on our garden table to dry. I wanted to avoid that it stretches when hanging over our living room chairs, as I did with my Cria.

My Breathing Space sweater drying in the winter sun on our garden table

As you might be able to tell (though the photo is a bit blurry, sorry!), this table has a mesh structure, so the air can reach it from all sides, which makes it ideal for drying knitted stuff.

A little closer: My Breathing Space from (mostly) handpainted sockyarn

I really like it so far (though I still have to try it on) and it was fun knitting.
Yes, I gave it a loooong break during summer, but I really like the construction and can well imagine doing another one, but not at once. There is enough fingering weight yarn in my stash for at least 2 more... ;-)

First pair of socks in 2019 finished: The Kaffe Fassett socks

First pair of socks in 2019: Stinos from Regia Kaffe Fassett

As I guessed last week >>, I finished my first pair of socks in 2019>> on Tuesday. I quite like how they turned out, though I still like the fabric I get from slightly smaller needles better.

2nd pair of morning socks in the making from Woll Butt sockyarn

Basket weave rib socks from Woll Butt Taunus

As I finished the socks for my "morning knitting", I had to cast on a new pair. Part of my knitting resolutions >> was to use the Woll Butt yarn I still have in stash form 2017 christmas gift yarn, so I casted that on.

I did not want a totally plain vanilla sock, so I added just 2 ribs each of the Basketweave Rib pattern >>  on each side. I quite like how it turns out so far.
I am about to start the heel for the first sock now.

Sock qualifies for the Use What You Have KAL in the Mumpitz group

When browsing Ravelry, I came across the Use What You Have KAL in the Mumpitz group >> In this KAL, you can enter projects that are made from yarn that was in your stash before January 2019 and with a pattern you have not made before, but which has been in your library from earlier than 2019 as well.

So, that yarn is from 2017 and the pattern has been in my queue for a while and I have not made it before - so that is a win! I guess I will be able to enter quite some projects in there over the year, as part of my resolutions is to do exactly that: Use what I have in patterns and yarn.

I am weak - I bought sockyarn...

This sockyarn attaced me when grocery shopping and wanted to be adopted..

Yeah - speaking of "use what I have".... I was weak and bought two packs of sockyarn when grocery shopping at Aldi on Saturday. There are 4 50 g balls in each package, 2 selfstriping and 2 solids. The solids is a pale lilac (not blue as it shows on the photo) and a pale pink-purple, the selfstripings are in matching colours.

I know - I do not really need sockyarn... but those are so pretty! And you can always knit a nice pair of socks, right? Or maybe another Breathing Space sweater or so...

Still contemplating on what to cast on next

So, as I finished the first UFO of the year, I only have the morning knitting socks left on my needles. I am not sure what to cast on next as my "big" project, i.e. that project I knit when sitting on the couch in the evenings.

I am kind of reluctant to start another sweater sized sweater, so I guess I will start the Tipsy toes sock >> I talked about last week >> using some leftover sockyarn from last year - that will make it qualified for the Mumpitz KAL, yeah!

But I will take my time and enjoy browsing Ravelry for something new to start....

So, over to you: How was your week?
What did you knit?
What do you plan to knit?
Please let me know in the comments below!

13 Kommentare:

  1. I am in love with the Breathing Space sweater. The construction of it is marvelous. I just might need to put that in my library for future knitting pleasures. The Tipsy Toe socks are so fun to look at. I wonder if they would be difficult to knit. Plus, you would need to wear them in sandals so everyone could admire them and wonder how you did that.

    1. Yes, I definitely recommend the Breathing Space pattern. Even if you do not do the asymmetric stripes, the neckline shaping and the raglan increases are very well-fitting for me. As for the socks, I meanwhile casted on and it is not complicated if you have already done short rows before.

  2. It's alright, we all have our weak moments. :) But they look like very pretty yarn. Sock yarn is so pretty. I have to try to make socks soon!

  3. I really like the breathing space and hope you enjoy wearing it for a long time. That's a great idea for a KAL, and motivating to use both your stash and not forget to make items that you have stored in your library. It is so easy to go looking for new patterns. I don't blame you buying the sock yarn, more pretty coloured socks.

  4. The socks you finished this week are fun. Sort of stripey, sort of not. Unpredictable. I love that. And your Breathing Space! What a fun sweater that will be to wear. Love. Love. Love!

  5. Well done on the finishes, the Breathing Space is just gorgeous and turned out lovely! Love the new sock yarn and how the new socks are knitting up. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to cast on.

  6. Your breathing space is beautiful. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I do mine. And the kaffe fassett socks are gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful sweater and lovely socks! Have fun deciding what to make next. I never have that "problem", I have such a long queue. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  8. Breathing Space looks lovely, what a beautiful sweater. And well done on the socks, they look great! I always admire it when people finish socks, in particular as I'm so rubbish at finishing them myself (I'm quite good at starting...).

  9. Der Breathing Space gefällt mir gut. Die Sockenwolle im Aldi habe ich mir auch mehrmals angesehen - und bin ganz tapfer geblieben. Obwohl die Wolle sehr schön ist, bin ich nunmal keine Sockenstrickerin.

    1. Danke! Immerhin hab ich ja schon was verstrickt vom Aldi Sockengarn. Und ich verwende Sockengarn ja gerne auch für Oberteile, nicht nur für Socken.

  10. Ich habe übrigens bei uns im EDEKA ein neues Sockengarn entdeckt. Es heißt BellaLana oder so ähnlich. Schöne Farben für nur 1,45 Euro pro 50 g. Ich weiß nicht, ob es das jetzt in allen Edeka-Filialen gibt. Vorher hatten sie ja nur Regia. Vielleicht interessiert dich das ja.

    1. Oh, Du böse Virenschleuder! ;-) Woher weißt Du, dass wir außer zum Aldi auch immer beim Edeka einkaufen? Mal sehen, ob ich da stark bleiben kann....


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