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Half a sleeve for my Breathing Space: Update on my year of projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week and the week before (as I did not post an update last week).

Half a sleeve done with my Breathing Space Sweater

Remember that I started to work again on my Breathing Space from sock yarn >> ?, Well that went quite well! I finished the bottom ribbing last sunday .

My Beathing Space sweater after finishing the body part on Jan. 6 2019

And I started knitting on the sleeve also last Sunday. I picked up 81 stitches when the pattern tells me to have only 71, so I decreased 2 stitches every fourth row.

After I already decreased to 67, it came into my mind to look up what stitch count I had with my last version of this pattern >> Turns out it was only 71 stitches and I noted that the sleeves are "on the tight side"....

So I wass a little afraid that mine would be too tight now. On the other hand, I used a cotton yarn with close to no stretch at all for my first version >>, so I was hopefull that the sockyarn I am using now might have a little more stretch.
Well, there is only one possibility to find out if a sleeve is too tight or not: You just try it on!

*sighs with relief* I am really glad that this sleeve is not too tight

 So I did exactly that on Friday, Jan. 11 - and it fits! Not too tight, I would say.
I am making good progress on this as the stripes are kind of addictive...

So my new goal will be to finish the first sleeve and get at least half way with the second sleeve by next Sunday - we will see...

I am already planning my next striped sweater - I really like classical, "marine" style striped sweaters or T-shirts - White with red, White with blue...

I am thinking about an oversized, sligthly cropped sweater, a little similair to the Boxy sweater >>

Or maybe the Wasabi sweater >> from this book from Wendy Bernard * >> which I already own (use what you have, remember?... ;-))

If you have any pattern recommendations, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

Finished my first Regia Sock in "morning routine knitting"

I knit on it for app. 30 minutes each morning in bed, while listening to an audiobook, and I really like that!

Currently I am listening to "Das Gutshaus" from Anne Jacobs * >> (sorry, I do not think there is an English translation. It is already part 2 of a series, and I did not read the first part, but that is not a problem.

The book is situated in the Northeast of Germany, on a former noble mansion in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The story takes place in the 1990ies, shortly after the Germen re-unification. This is a historic time which I remember from personal experience - though my experiences of being a college student in the Northwest are totally different from what the Eastern German characters in the book have in their daily life. I am about half way through I really quite like the book, I am already thinking about reading the first book as well.

This is my first book from this author, but she is quite popular here. Her "Tuchvilla"-series * >> is a bestseller in German speaking countries. 

Well, but this blog post is supposed to be about knitting, so:
I finished the first sock and I am now shortly after the heel turn of sock no. 2 
So it is quite likely that I might finish my first sock of the year by next sunday.

Further knitting plans: Tipsy Toes

Well, and what do you do when finishing socks? Casting on the next one!

I recently saw Mrs. Mumpitz version >> of the Tipsy Toe pattern >> She used leftovers for that and I really like this! As I have "produced" some leftovers since last year, I think it would be great to start those...

Great for leftovers: The Tipsy Toe Sock Pattern from Sybilra (free on Ravelry)

Achieved a Year of Projects Goal, just different

One of my year of project goals >> was to use the undyed, rustic brown yarn I had leftover from my Antler cardigan >>

I had the leftovers, 5 full 100g skeins, up for trade on sell on Ravelry >> for nearly a year now and I thought, well, nobody wants them...

Turns out: Somebody wanted them! That somebody lives in the UK, but to save money on shipping, I sent them to Munich where a friend will pick them up for her. So I kind of used these, yeah!

So, how was your week?
Do you have any suggestions for my stripy sweater plans?
Please let me know in the comments!

* = Affiliate-Link to

13 Kommentare:

  1. Your breathing space is beautiful, and it fits! I love mine - it's one of my most worn sweaters. Well done on the ecstasy, looking forward to what you decide for your next sweater.

    1. Thanks Lucy, I hope it will become a favorite of mine, too!

  2. That sounds like a lovely way to start your morning. Great that your sleeve fits, it looks great so far.

    1. Thanks - yes, I started that before Christmas and really enjoy my knitting start into the day.

  3. Love your Breathing Space sweater. Just might need to throw that in my library too. I found a lovely pattern called Spring in September. Just change the strip colors to your red, white & blue.

    Enjoy your week.

    1. Oh, thanks for that pattern link - looks very interesting - and it is free, too!

  4. So glad the sweater sleeves fit. I love all the sock patterns you posted. As I always say - so many sock patterns to knit, so little time.

    Sorry I don't have any sweater suggestions for you as I like mine on the negative ease side of things but I am sure you will find just the thing.

    1. Thanks - but you can never have to many sock patterns, right? You never know what you might want to knit next!

  5. Whew! Happy the sleeve fits! It is such a pretty combination of colors and I love stripes too. Your socks are so pretty and the new sock pattern is very unique and interesting. You're really getting things done!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I really like how that yarn shows up when worked in stripes - I think it would be too much on the pooling side if worked only in 1 color.

  6. Your Breathing Space is looking great and I'm so glad the sleeve has turned out not too tight. I think a striped Boxy would look great, I'm afraid I don't have any pattern recommendations as stripes are not something I like to wear myself and what a great way to make progress on your sock.

    1. Thanks Ruth! Well, we will see if I cast on for the next sweater immediately after this is finished. I might want to take a break from bigger projects - not to produce the next UFO right away!

  7. You do make some wonderful garments, Domic! Your Antler Cardigan is a stunner with that beautiful cabled yoke, and of course your Breathing Space is very nice. I love the colors. So glad the sleeve fits! While I haven't made it a routine, I've taken your cue and sometimes start my day with knitting or crocheting. It's a nice calm, quiet way to begin a morning. :)


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