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Lots of sockyarn knitting: Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week and the week before

Progress on my Buttinette socks: Started second sock

Casted on number 2 of my Buttinette Socks

I started these 2 weeks ago and only knit on the Buttinette socks >> as my "morning sock", so it took me quite long to finish sock number 1. I meanwhile finished the "Gutshaus"-Audiobook *>> and also the Michele Obama-Book * >> (can highly recommend this!).

I was on a business trip for 2 days last week and I took another project with me for that, so there was a little break. But I hope I will be able to finish them by next week.

Further sockyarn knitting: Footsies for my Mum from the Aldi sockyarn

Remember when I told you that I got weak and bought sockyarn at Aldi >> ? Well, at least I already used a bit of that - yeah! I actually was able to use up app. 60 grams - not for a "real" sock, but for two pairs of "footsies", so a kind of slippers made from normal sockyarn.

Footsies I made for mum back in 2013

I made her the footsies >> back in 2013, and they are meanwhile worn out. So she asked for a new pair to replace them. The pattern is from a German book called "Socken Stricken" by Heidi Grund-Thorpe * >>

She tells you to knit half the foot length plus a little in garter, then work in the round and add a normal toe. I did not take detailed notes on sizing for the old pair, but I somehow had in the back of my mind that I made them way smaller then.

But I knit the first pair exactly as given in the pattern - and they are very generous in sizing >>....

Top: Smaller pair, bottom: first pair - app. 3 cm smaller, unstretched

I took them with me on a business trip to Paris - lots of TGV knitting, even more though the train could not go at maximum speed due to the snow on the rails in Champagne. So when I was back home, I sew them up and tried them on - well, very relaxed fit. My mum's feet are a tiny bit bigger than mine, but not that much.

So I casted on for a second pair, smaller this time - and I like them much better!

Second pair of footsies from Aldi yarn - fit way better!

Further sockyarn knitting: Started my Riyito sweater from sockyarn

You probably remember that I was thinking about an oversized sweater from sockyarn and the Riyito sweater was one of my 6 in 2019 projects >> On that list, I also said I wanted to use all that Buttinette sockyarn. So I thought: Why not combine the two ideas and knit that sweater from sockyarn?

So this is what I did: I chose these balls of yarns below and casted on by end of January.

My yarn choice for the Riyito sweater

I will knit the top yoke (which is formed by short rows, as this is a pattern from the book "Short Row Knits "* >>) in the solid green yarn and will then somehow fade in the other two balls - I do not know how exactly, I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Not a lot to see yet: The cast-on of my Riyito sweater

So I casted on last Sunday and I really did not get very far. I did not knit on it this week, I prefered the more portable projects.

Guess what: I won something for my Tipsy Toe socks!

In my last Year of Project update >>, I spoke about the Use what you have KAL in the Mrs.Mumpitz Ravelry group >>

I was then only thinking about the purple Buttinette sock, but I than casted on the Tipsy Toe socks from scrap yarn >> When I finished them - relatively quickly, as this is a really fun pattern - I recognized that these would qualify as well: The yarn is in my stash from earlier than 2019 and also is the pattern which I first came across some time last year.

My finished Tipsy Toe socks, made from scraps of Buttinette yarn

So I entered them in the finished objects thread >> , also Mrs. Mumpitz inspired me to knit them in the first place. Well, and guess what....

I am the winner of this great project bag!!!
When I checked my Ravelry when I came back from the business trip on Friday, I found out that I was the winner of this great project bag with knitting sheep on it!


The bag is made by Nadelmikado and if you are not a lucky winner like me, you can buy here great bags in her Etsy shop >>

My bag is on its way to me and I can wait to use it!

So, what else happened the last two weeks?

We changed phone and Internet provider which went better than I dared to hope...

Our Internet works ok, and we can also phone other people with our normal phone. The only thing that does not work yet is that our phone receives calls. If I call my line with the mobile, I just get the normal "available" signal, but no bell rings and I cannot take the call from the landline.

So I hope that is a minor problem that can be solved within the next days.

So, how was your week, knitting-wise?
Did you maybe have the same phone problem and what did you do to solve it?
Just leave it in the comments below!
Have a great week!

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12 Kommentare:

  1. You are making good progress on the socks, specially as they are your morning knitting. I love the footsies, what a great practical way of using up the yarn and the yarn for your sweater is great, I can see how they will blend or fade if you like into each other! Congratulations on the prize, it's a beautiful bag.

    1. Thank you, Ruth! Yes, I am very much in a sock knitting mood right now, I am confident I will finish them soon

  2. I love those toes on your tipsy toe socks, very cool! Very cute project bag, and as you like portable projects it sounds perfect. Those footsies would be great for me as bed socks, as I have cold feet but like to easily take them off once my toes are warm.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Yes bedsocks..that is exactly what my mum will use them for

  3. Loving all the beautiful footwear! Congratulations on the win, enjoy the bag.

    1. Thanks! I definitely will enjoy it! I hope it will arrive this week, so I can use it to transport my project when visiting my parents next weekend.

  4. That Taunus yarn is making beautiful stripes. Great colors. And those Tippy Toe socks are so fun! And a prize, too?!? Congratulations! BTW, here in the States I'd never seen yarn at the Aldis I've shopped at, but since you started mentioning it, I have seen some. Not consistently, and nothing as pretty as you've found, but it was a fun surprise to see yarn there recently.

    1. Aldi usually has sockyarn about twice a year here, once in January/February and then again in September/October. They might also have some cotton yarn around Easter and some feltable yarn (for slippers) just before christmas - so it is nothing they have always.

  5. Congratulations on your winning of the project bag. How exciting for you! It is an adorable bag. Love those footy socks you made for your mom. What a difference in size though. I have put the Tipsy Toe sock pattern in my library. I think I will give it a go for my next sock project. I love the way the toe looks on it. Plus I have not knit toe up in ages and o not want to forget how to do that.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I also enjoyed knitting toe-up again after a long while. However, I am still more a cuff-down-type of sockknitter, I think.

  6. Congrats on winning that darling project bag! I've been wanting to read Michele Obama's that gal! Love your socks and the slippers are so cute. I think your sweater is going to be gorgeous! I love train travel but here there isn't much. I would love to be on a train through a snow cozy is that? Keep up the great knitting! Love seeing your projects.

    1. Thanks! I can absolutely recommend the Obama book, very inspiring and interesting! Well, and it was not exactly a "storm", I would say. It had just snowed quite heavily overnight, but it was very pretty to look at.


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