Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2015

Der Limonenoppa heisst Paulie

Huch - long time no schreib! Dabei gäbe es durchaus einiges zu vermelden - die Fertigstellung eines Langzeit-WIPs (für Strickmuggel: Work In Progress) zum Beispiel: Die Anleitung heißt Paulie und ist kostenlos auf Ravelry- vor 2 Jahren habe ich die schon einmal gestrickt, damals einfarbig in grau. Bei den Streifen habe ich mich allerdings von einer anderen Anleitung inspirieren lassen, die nicht kostenlos ist, dem "Funky Grandpa", und bei den Farben resp. den Garnen (Drops Delight und Alpaka und Fabel) von einem Projekt bei Ravelry... Es hat etwas gedauert, bis das gute Stück fertig war, und die Ärmel sind ein wenig lang - aber er gefällt mir und wurde schon viel getragen.

Aug. 23d Finally sewed on the buttons. Hm. Like the colours, but the body could be a little wider, the armholes a little tighter and the arms a little shorter - nevertheless, I think I can call this a success. Did not do the short rows collar this time as it is too short for my taste as given in pattern.
Aug. 2nd Finished knitting- quite like it. Now just a gazillion ends to weave in … sighs…
July 26th Finished first sleeve - however, did not work a lot on it as it was waaaaay too hot.
June 27th Finished front bands incl. Icord bind off - did 10 garter ridges in total, no short rows or shawl collar.
June 20th Finished body at 57 cm. Alternated 2 normal bind offs with 1 yo bind off to make the edge not too ruffly, but not too tight either - seems to have worked out fine.
May 14th: Seperated sleeves from the body. 88 stitches for each sleeve plus 12 underarm stitches - might be a bit big…
Decided to use the Paulie pattern instead of Funky Grandpa which I had in mind when I bought the yarn. Stole the colour combination from this Grandpa project.
Row gauge again is totally of, but fun so far.
Widthwise: 50 stitches give me 19 cm in Garter (my garter is way tighter than stockinette in rows) i.e. 26,3158 per 10 cm.
Loonywooly started hers at the same time and her garter part is waaaay longer and looser though she does not knit significantly looser than I do in stockinette.

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