Freitag, 24. April 2015

Schon fast etwas "Off-Season": Dicker Loop aus Drops Delight

Im Februar gab's beim Drops die filzbaren Garne zum Sonderpreis, also habe ich die dickere Schwester der Delight mal ausprobiert - und war überrascht, wie gut mir die gefallen hat - kein Vergleich zur flusigen kleinen Schwester!

Ich habe einen Loop und eine Mütze nach einer Drops-Anleitung gestrickt und auch im März noch ein wenig getragen - jetzt ist es natürlich ein bissle warm, aber der nächste Winter kommt bestimmt.

Saw the great projects Lakalinka made from this yarn and as it was on sale, I HAD to buy some skeins… Will go for a quite simple garter stitch set as I wear my Himbeerbrausekopf and Cowl quite a lot.
As I want this to be a cowl, I provisionally casted on 52 stitches and plan to kitchener it together.
Feb. 22nd: Finished Cowl today - had a knot in the second ball of yarn and would say this yarn is not exactly something for wool sensitive people - but it is really warm and I do not have a problem with a little scratchy… Did not use the full second ball, app. 20g left. However, grafting did not really go well, there is a visible seam - but you do not see it when the cowl is around the neck. Now for the hat…
Feb 24th Finished hat, that was a quick one - could be a tad longer for my taste, but ok. It’s a pity that only the first ball of yarn had really BRIGHT colours, all others where a little subdued… Took me app. 180 g for the cowl and 70g for the hat.

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