Sonntag, 29. März 2015

Schwerer Fall von Second Sock Syndrom: Heidekrautsocken

Eigentlich kenne ich das Problem nicht, das frau nach Socke 1 keine Lust auf Socke 2 hat - aber hier war das schon massiv der Fall!

Ich habe für meine  "Farewell to Yarns" Socken immer 2 selbstmusternde Garne zusammen verstrickt, aber da war der Kontrast nicht gross genug, so dass das Muster untergeht.

Ich hab mich aber durchgebissen, und die fertigen Socken sind dann schon ok.

Topic in February: COLOURFUL!/BUNT!
Gnaaa- I had a serious Second Sock Syndrom with these! 

There is a reason why the pattern told you to use solid yarn, not self striping, and especially not something which is not contrasting a lot… Took me ages to cast on for the second sock, as I did not really enjoy making them. 

However, the technique of using a yarn over to hinder the slipped stitches from being too tight is clever, might use this again. Will also post these for the “Socken durch die Welt” KAL - Röhn, as the colours remind me of Heather. The Grid pattern could symbolize the inner-German border.

Devided each leftover in 2 equal balls per sock - I am not sure if I will use the red yarn, might use another more purple-ish.
Red Aldi Vendita Yarn: 38 g
Orange Green Aldi Vendita Yarn: 10 g
Purple Drops Fabel: 30 g
Beige-purpleGreen: 20 g
Lavender Fabel: 15g

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