Montag, 9. Dezember 2013

Pulloverstrick - schon wieder: Bedropster Senfjanker

Ich war von meiner Nepaljacke so begeistert, das ich gleich noch eine nachgeschoben habe, aus Drops Karisma. Das habe ich mal im Angebot gekauft, ohne konkretes Projekt im Kopf - bissle doof, deshalb lag es auch über ein Jahr hier rum.

Im Endeffekt hat es nur für eine kurzärmlige Jacke gereicht, aber sie gefällt mir ganz ordentlich - allerdings ist mir ärmellos im Moment dann doch zu frisch, aber so im Frühjahr/Herbst könnte sie des öfteren zum Einsatz kommen, denke ich.

Von dem Garn werde ich auf alle Fälle nochmal Pullovermengen anschaffen, wenn es mal wieder im Angebot ist - vermutlich Anfang nächsten Jahres...

Bought the yarn on sale without project in mind -not a good idea… Now I plan to use it for a short-sleeved cardigan, based on the Indigo Playmate pattern. I want it to look a little like Leaflet from the front, so no overlapping button bands, but normal ribbing.
Will have to do the math, though,as Wendy Bernard is using a thicker yarn…
Okay -
Gauge 22x29 instead of 18x22
Factor 1,22 for stitches
Factor 1,32 for rows

Oct 11th
Reached 51 cm from cast on - hope to finish at least body this weekend
Oct 12th
Finished! I hope this will grow a bit widthwise when washed - the notes for the yarn say it is likely to - I could need app. 2 cm more width. It will be wearable as it is, but quite on the tight side. I forgot that the original pattern has quite a wide buttonband and I did not have enough yarn left to do it a lot wider, so should have taken that into calculation. It is in the washer currently, we will see…

Oct. 13th
Guess what - of course it did NOT grow in the washing sighs Well, we will see how it is with buttons, I can always wear it open. Like the yarn though, seems to be a great yarn for “hard working easy care” cloth - a tad scratchy maybe for sensitive people, but I can well imagine using it again - there are nice heathered colourways. Then I will buy enough yarn for a garment from the start - I will probably need app. 500-600 g, i.e. 10-12 balls for my size.

Oct. 18th
Finally sew on buttons - not as tight as I feared, quite alright in fact, even with buttons closed.

Cast on 1/5/28
Increas 1: 39/56/80
Increas 2: 49/76/100 350
After Sleeve seperation: 202 stitches
Increases every 8th row

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