Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Virus im Karlsuher Stricktreff: Gibson Girl

Ich glaube, das Fischle hat angefangen- auf alle Fälle hat jetzt fast jede Teilnehmerin des Karlsruher Stricktreffs mindestens eine von diesen "Gibson Girl" Mützen gestrickt - sind fix fertig und sehen auch gut aus, finde ich.

The whole Karlsruher Stricktriff knitted this hat, so I will give it a try and use the leftover Cinque.
Unsusual construction, I am not sure where to measure the head circumference on the WIP- the nice Ladies in the Knitting Delight group helped- you measure the circumference where the cable is.
Casted on 28 stitches per side instead of 25 to make up for thinner yarn + needles. Will orient at the notes of this project and go for 76 stitches, 25 ridges….
Slight change of plan - did increase to 84 stitches as I have a big head - well, it fits, but it is on the wide side, so 76 would probably be enough. Also, probably 26 stitches per side would have been ok.
Glad I made 25 ridges, otherwise it would be too short.
Next time (yeah, there will DEFINITELY be a next time!) I will also remember to make a real edge stitch, which would have faciliated to to the pulling together.

ETA: Made a Tipsy Cowl to go with it from the leftover yarn

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