Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Der Meerwurst-Cowl aus Drops Karisma

Von meiner Sommerseegrasjacke hatte ich noch Reste herumliegen und mir war irgendwie nach einfarbigem Cowl - also wurde die Resteverwertung in der netten (deutschen) Anleitung "Weis-a-Wurscht-is" zu meinem Weihnachtsurlaubsprojekt - hat total Spass gemacht und das Ergebnis gefällt mir auch sehr. Die Jacke ist eh etwas zugig am Hals, da passt das super.

Und weil noch ein bizzele übrig war, hat's auch noch eine passende Mütze gegeben (sorry, Bild is ein bissle unscharft...

Dec. 25th
Finished - think it will look good and was a lot of fun knitting! Did 22nd repeats instead of 20 as my yarn and needles are thinner - and I think it grew a little in the washing. The yarn is a little fluffier than would be ideal for this pattern- also because it has been frogged already, but still looks nice. Will probably do more Guernsey-type loops/cowls! Colour is not grey, but a greyish teal. Used leftovers from this cardigan Made a matching hat, too.

Dec. 23d
Working on my 8th square - love it a lot! Interesting knnit, but not too complicated and the result looks great, I think.

Change of plan again - will have to do something with the Karisma alone, the yarns are just too different in thickness, will not work for the striped thing. So I will go for the Weiswurschd-Loop ;-)
Love it so far! I started on the narrower side with 48 stitches plus 3 stitches each side for iCord edge. Really like the pattern, not too complicated, but keeps me going - just one more row, and another, and another…. Really like this! Currently plan to sew ends together for the loop.

Will make it a christmas tradition to knit a Simple Sprinkle with some shiny yarn for christmas ;-)

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