Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

Broken Seedstitch Socken aus Fabelresten

Die Broken-Seedstitch-Socken stehen schon eeewig auf meiner Liste, und die nette KAL-Aktion in der Restendgruppe bei Ravelry gab den Anstoss, zwei eher ungeliebte Reste zu selbigen zu verarbeiten.

Die Farbvorgabe war blau und weiss - naja, so knallweiss hatte ich nicht, ergo musste es beige sein. Das Türkis hätte ich mir im Nachhinein schenken sollen, aber insgesamt gefällt es mir fast besser mit zwei selbstmusternden Garnen als mit 2x Uni.

Finished - quite like them! I even like it better when worked with two separate self patterning yarns. If I did it again, I would skip the turquoise cuff and toe, too bright for the rest of the yarn. Messed up a little after the cuff of the first sock as I mixed the two yarns and had a huge float ACROSS the socks opening - not a good idea ;-)
Will probably also use this pattern again to blend colours for leftover socks, just app. 5-6 rows with the pattern before continuing with the new colour. However, glad they are done now, I am not too keen on working on something with two balls of yarns dangling currently.
Also part of the Sockenmusterkiste-KAL

Jan 3d Finished first sock -exactly 30g (should have weighed yarn BEFORE starting to knit, well…
Left are about 19g each of the beige and blue yarn and 10g of turquoise yarn - should be well enough for second sock. However, decided to make female size as leg might be a little too tight for male calves - just 57 stitches.

Fun KAL in Restend group - so I will make this pattern in leftovers from socks which I do not really like - will make nice male socks, I hope!

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