Montag, 6. August 2012

Seppel, das Zombie Nadelkissen aka Voodoo-Puppe, selbstgestrickt

Darf ich vorstellen: Das ist Seppel. Seppel ist ein Zombie. Und ein Nadelkissen. Und man kann ihn als Voodoo-Puppe benutzen. Aber er ist ein freundlicher Geselle und hat das Herz auf dem rechten Fleck.
Er war allerdings eine etwas mühsame Geburt, denn er wird in zwei Hälften gestrickt und dann komplett zusammengenäht - gnaaaa! Das hab ich definitiv nur 1x gemacht!

Seppel, a zombie pin cushion with a heart...
Saw this pattern in Fumis and Lightlime’s projects and had to try as well. I even knitted this as given in pattern - 2 piecs FLAT and then SEWING all the stuff together - I HATE SEWING!!! However, might be that this is looking pattern as a knit-in the round-version would be too “nice” for a Zombie… However, if I knitted it again, I would DEFINITELY go for a Knit-in-the-round-version, only sewing the arms.
Quite like him nevertheless, though cotton is not the best choice (not stretchy enough). As for the hair, I used black sockyarn and did 10-stitches-chains as Picots as well as loose ends - did not trim it too much for a “meaner” look.
Was to lazy for EVEN MORE sewing and decided NOT to sew on a button for the second eye, but used the “heart” embroidery thread for doing the second eye.

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