Freitag, 20. März 2020

Neue Strickbücher auf Englisch im ersten Quartal 2020

Wenn Du hier regelmässig vorbeischaust, weißt Du ja, dass ich ein großer Fan von Strickbüchern bin>> Dabei mag ich sowohl deutsche als auch englischsprachige Veröffentlichungen, und heute soll es um englische Neuerscheinungen gehen, die ich in den Weiten des grossen A... gefunden habe - hier ist das Ergebnis.

Alle Links mit "*" sind Affiliate-Links und führen zu Wenn Du ein Buch über den Link bestellst, erhalte ich dafür eine kleine Provision - Dir entstehen dadurch keine Mehrkosten.

Portuguese Knitting: A Historical & Practical Guide
to Traditional Portuguese Techniques * >>

Klappentext: More than just a history book or a handicraft manual, Portuguese Knitting is a trip to the Portuguese heritage of woolcraft. It discovers knitting memories of the past, traditional patterns and techniques that are brought up to date in the form of beautiful modern pieces such as socks, hats, shawls, cowls, pot holders and leggings. Containing previously unpublished images of great historical importance, this is a fundamental work in the history of Portuguese woolcraft.

To the Point: The Knitted Triangle von Leila Raven * >>

Klappentext: To the Point is a culmination of author Leila Raven's deep knowledge and experience in designing shawls. Focusing this title on triangular shawls, Leila expertly brings the knitter through different treatments of triangular shawl design, such as direction and shaping rates, favorite techniques for starting and finishing, plus she gives excellent tips on how to read your knitting when working a chart-only pattern. This book includes a dozen of Leila's own designs, in a range of yarn weights and textures, showcasing her own unique style.

Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week von Marie Green * >>

Klappentext: It is all about the layers in Marie Greene's new collection of 30 stylish, versatile shawls, wraps and cowls. Back from her must-have debut Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks, Marie has created gorgeous shawls that knit up in as little as 1 week and wear like a dream. Easy to memorize and portable, these patterns range from voluminous wraps to cute cowls, making it easy to enjoy the satisfaction of a finished project or last-minute gift, even when your knitting time is limited. With Marie's signature foolproof instructions, these patterns are perfect for advanced beginners and beyond. Whether you're looking for a light spring layer, a summer statement piece or a thick toasty shawl, you'll find a wide array of colors, shapes and yarn weights to complement your style, no matter the weather.

Elemental Knits: A Perennial Knitwear Collection
von Courtney Spainhower * >>

Klappentext: Elemental Knits is for women who aspire to be ever stylish, more comfortable, and less wasteful. With knitwear designer Courtney Spainhower, you'll craft an appearance that truly reflects your spirit with a collection of 20 knitting patterns designed to enhance your wardrobe year-round.

Modern Heritage Knits: Sweaters, Shawls and Accessories Inspired by American-Made Yarns von Kristina Danaee * >>

Klappentext: Take a journey to more thoughtful, sustainable knitting with Christina Danaee's gorgeous patterns. Discover the story behind your knits, from the way the fiber was produced to the yarn that inspired the design. Striking details like easy-to-execute lace, clever colorwork and extra-plush ribbing turn these simple projects into handmade heirlooms you'll wear today and keep forever.

Shawls, Wraps, and Scarves: 21 Elegant and Graceful Hand-knit Patterns  von Louisa Harding* >>

Klappentext: Whether you are looking for a simple scarf, chic evening wrap, or classic shawl, this book by Louisa Harding, one of the world's most influential designers, will inspire you to create beautiful hand-knitted garments. Harding's signature feminine style is showcased in this beautiful collection. Beginners will appreciate the simple and delicate stitch pieces, which result in surprisingly sophisticated fashions. Intermediate and advanced knitters will value the projects that involve more complex techniques incorporating lace, cable, and beading. Each design features a brief introduction that reveals the creative inspiration behind it and unlocks some of the secrets of the artistic process. Step-by-step instructions for each shawl, wrap, and scarf are accompanied by gorgeous color photographs of the finished work. With its blend of traditional techniques and modern sensibilities, Shawls, Wraps, and Scarves will appeal to knitters who want to learn new skills and to those looking for fresh ideas and creative inspiration.

Knits from Nature: Sweaters and Accessories with Garden-Inspired Motifs von Dee Hardwicke * >>

Klappentext: Featuring flowers and other botanical motifs, the sweaters, scarves, and shawls are fashioned in favorite classic silhouettes but with a fresh, new look. From work-appropriate cardigans to relaxed weekend wear, these pieces are simply stunning.

Entrelac Knitting: 40 Stunning Projects with Textured, Diamond-Pattern Designs von Mette Hovden* >>

Klappentext: Norwegian knit designers—and sisters—Heidi Eikeland and Mette Hovden discovered entrelac by chance, without even knowing what the technique was called. It was only after searching long and hard for more patterns that included the textured blocks that they realized they'd happened upon an entry in Norway's official “red list” of endangered handcrafts: a traditional design element so rarely worked in contemporary patterns that knowledge of it had been deemed at risk of dying out.

Fair Isle Knitting and Design von Nicki Merrall * >>

Klappentext: Traditional Fair Isle knitting and design skills were originally handed down from one Shetland generation to the next, with each new generation of knitters experimenting, adapting, and extending the repertoire of patterns to develop the Fair Isle knitting we see today. Fair Isle knitting is fascinating--only two colors are used in any single row--yet the patterns and colors chosen combine to create something that is more than the sum of its parts. The distinctive combination of colors and patterns, ranging from the simple to the highly intricate, continues to inspire knitters worldwide.

Easy Knitted Fingerless Gloves: Stylish Japanese Knitting Patterns von Nihon Vogue * >>

Klappentext: Fingerless gloves have burst onto the fashion scene in recent years&;with designers from Gucci to Kate Spade embracing this popular style. Now home knitters can create personalized fingerless gloves using original Japanese knitting patterns.

So, jetzt Du: Welches dieser Bücher ist Dein Favorit?
Welches neue englische Strickbuch hab ich noch verpasst?
Schreib es mir doch bitte in die Kommentare!

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