Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Ein verwirbeltes Babymützchen aus Sockengarn

Im April werden mehrere Babys im Kollegenkreis erwartet - also habe ich Reste aus dem wunderschönen Farbenglück-Garnen zu einem Swirl-Babymuetzchen inkl. Babyfuessle Oscar fabriziert  - mir gefallen sie gut!

Colleague R. is convinced she will have a baby girl in April - I am not sooo sure, I saw the ultrasonic and I am not convinced…. Well, but it will be fun to knit something for a girl, for a change… Started with 2.5 mm needles as I did not have the bigger ones with me for Knit Night. Finsihed -messed up the decreases a little in the end as I mistakedly skiped the yarnovers. Neverthesless quite cute, but would recommend 3 mm more than 3.5 mm needles - this is a summer baby to be born in April so it should be ok to be a little holey.
Made matching booties

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