Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013

Fertig: Die graue Muscheljacke aus Drops Lima

Ich schulde Euch noch das "Fertig!" Post meiner Beauty-Cardi, voila - s. oben.
"Richtige" Ärmel wären mir zwar lieber gewesen und auch der Kragen ist nicht soooo mein Fall- der klappt immer hoch, den muss ich noch festnähen - aber ingesamt würde ich das gute Stück unter "Gelungen" verbuchen.
Finished my Beauty Cardi
Dec. 29th:
Casted on and knit the lower border of the body - first repreat withoug problems, for the second, I had to knit back nearly a full row as I miscounted -gnaaa! Used the first ball just before the third lace row of the second pattern repeat.
Jan 3d
Gnaaa…. I should have placed markers at EVERY. SINGLE. GARTER. RIB.
Don’t ask how often I had to redo the stitches with a crochet hook as I missed to knit them on the wrong side - I have to look for a different possibility to correct it, as I am not really good at fixing with a crochet hook… Which is why I sometimes rely on the fact that you will probably not see it from farer away… Yes, I am lazy like that…
Oh, by the way: My additional yarn from Wollimpressionen arrived today.
I started the 5th ball yesterday, I am at app. 35 cm for the body now, only 2.5 cm more before I can start the sleeve…
ETA: I found this video on how to correct knit /purl stitches from previews rows here »
Purl comes at 0.45 min.

Another one: Correcting dropped stitches in garter stitch fabric WITHOUT a crochet hook (staring 4:18 min)
Jan 5th
Finally took WIP photos, finished the first sleeve to just before the joining yesterday, I need nearly exactly 1 ball of the second order yarn.

Jan 9th
Attached sleeves to body, did the button hole row, but was too tired to get the following things right (there is a lot of “at the same time” now) - missed the first row of the neck shaping, will just start it a little later then.

I alternate two skeins in the middle of the back to mask the colour differences in the dye lots.
Started the armhole cap decreases in every row, finished the front decreases (15stitches for each front section). Need to continue decreasing up to 9 stitches for each arm.

Jan 13th
Finished knitting! Used the shadow wrap technique instead of wrapping stitches for the short rows which worked quite well, collar looks much better than my Paulie one which had holes.

I still have nearly 3 balls left, which means I could have made the sleeves longer - well… Tried it on, fits okay, front bands bend to the inside which I hope will block out.
However, I really hate that the sleeves are only 3/4 length - I already got cold hands when I tried it on today, which means I can only wear it in summer.
This is really a BIG disadvantage when knitting bottom-up - you cannot adapt sleeve length as you go!
So I doubt I will do this set-in-sleeves from bottom up again, especially as I totally DISLIKE sleeves that are not long enought…

In addition, it could be a bit bigger for the top - I decreased from 40.5 to 36 inches - it still fits, but it is quite tight… Well, this was all because I was not sure if I had enough yarn.
But I totally love the shell pattern on sleeves and bottom cuffs and also the beaded rips up to top.
I messed up the spp (so ssk done from the wrong side) as I forgot to purl them through the back loop, but I will put that as “learning experience”.

Still need to weave in ends (gnaaa!), add button and block.
Jan 20th
Weaved in ends, still need to block

Jan 26th
Finally took fotos, these are pre-blocking - looks as if it grew a little in washing which would be fine. Still need to sew on a button. Front bands are turning to the inside which hopefully will be better after blocking.
Red Cowl on the photos
is my Willow Cowl from Wollmeise
Jan 27th
Finished, washed and sewed on button- it did not really grew, but the bands are flatter now, I might just have to put down the collar. Love the feel of the yarn, but this will most probably bekome a summer cardi due to the 3/4 sleeves…

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