Sonntag, 18. März 2012

Aliae actae sunt...

oder "G'ribbelt is!" Aus dem Teil bis zu dem Roten mach ich vielleicht eine Weste - ma gucken.
Streifen mag ich eigentlich schon, aber das Grüne passte nicht wirklich...

March 18th
sighs Ok - the sleeve was still too tight and the whole thing was not really fitting - bubbles around the waist shaping and so on, so even IF I finished it, I would probably not have worn it. So I frogged it totally and I am currently thinking about maybe re-using the yarn for a bolero-vest type of thing…

March 3d
Oh-oh… nearly finished the first sleeve and now decided I have to frog - just too tight sighs Maybe it would have been a good idea to measure BEFORE doing 8 stitches decreasing… Picked up 42 stitches all around, should have just knitted straight down.

** Feb 25th 2012**
Well, this worked quite well so far. I am at a lenght of app. 50 cm now, intend to make it to app. 56-58 cm for the body. The separation of the sleeves might be a little late, but we will see. Did a little ribbing for waist shaping (and decreases as well). The yelowish-green yarn is the Cinque leftover from my Lanesplitter, but I had to go to 4.5 mm needles for a sufficient gauge.

Feb. 19th 2012: Ooops - this is sitting in the stash for nearly 2 years now! I decided to put it to live again, but it will not be a Poncho-thing, but a round yoke sweater. I have enough leftovers in similar weights, so I think I can use them here.
Nov. 2010After weighing the pros and cons of a big cowl-mini-poncho-thing, I decided to give it a try with the leftovers from my diverse Toast armwarmers - so I can wear ALL of them with that Poncho. The light grey is a RAK from Monika (Socken-Magie)- thank you! Oh, and Tichiro - I knit this with size 6 mm needles - and I think it is just perfect … ;-)) I knit this top-down, as I HATE casting on millions of stitches (I managed to twist the cast on now already…) and I want to try it on for length during knitting.

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