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Finished Shawl, sweater on sleeve island and italian sockknitting: Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved in recent weeks.

Finished object: My Read Between the Lines shawl

Finished March 2: My Read Between the Lines Shawl

When I posted my last update >>, I just attached the Drops Nord yarn to my RBTL-shawl >> I knit on it mainly as my "sofa knitting and reading" project from then on and was able to finish it after a week by the beginning of March.

I already wore it together with my Breathing Space pullover >> , as planned, and I quite like how it turned out. I especially like the "illusion" part of it, which unfortunately does not show that much when it is worn.

The "illusion knitting" part of my RBTL shawl shows nicely in this photo

On sleeve island: My Riyito sweater

When I last posted, I was shortly below the seperation for the arms for my Riyito sweater. Meanwhile I finished the body and are close to finishing the first sleeve.

Nearly finished: First sleeve on my Riyito sweater

I changed my plans regarding the yarn - I decided not to use the Opal Hundertwasser yarn * >> as originally planned, but a plain brown Drops Fabel from very old stash as I wanted a more neutral colour on the bottom hem.

My Riyito sweater: After some hot steam, the bottom hem lies flat

I was a little concerned after I bound off the main body, as it showed to be very ruffly and curly at the hem. But after a little treatment with a hot iron and a damp cloth, it now lies nice and flat.

I weighed what I have left for the sleeves and will make them in the same stripe/ colour block sequence as the body and see how long they will be in the end. I am currently thinking about doing app. 3/4 or maybe 7/8 sleeves, but we will see how long the yarn will last.

I also already attached the Icord to finish off the neck, using the self-striping yarn and I quite like how it looks. However, it again is more on the wide side, so I hope I will not again have to knit another shawl to cover my neck...

I hope that I will be able to finish this before the end of the month.

Dice roll for Knit 6 in 2019: Project Number 4

By the end of February, the dice rolled again to decide which will be the next project to knit for my "Knit 6 in 2019" >>.

Next in the Knit 6 in 2019 project: Number 4, the Which Way Shawl

It will be number 4, which for me is the "Which Way Shawl" >>. It is a 2 colour shawl which I planned to knit from my handpainted sockyarn. The problem is: I really do NOT want to knit this shawl at the moment!

Just not at the moment, in principle, I still like the pattern. Well, I have until the end of April to knit it before the next project will be diced out, so we will see if my mojo comes back until then or if I will leave it "on the backburner" somehow...

As I started the Riyito sweater early, I could also change numbers 4 and 6...

Business trip knitting needed: Started some plain vanilla socks

I had to travel to Bologna in Italy this week, so I needed a portable project with only one ball of yarn attached to it. So I dug into my self-striping sockyarn stash and started some plain vanilla socks >>, made from the Opal Illusion yarn * >> I got myself for my birthday.

Business trip knitting: Plain Vanilla Socks from Opal Illusion yarn

I did get to shortly after the gusset decreases for the first sock and plan to make this my early-morning-in-bed knitting project for the next weeks.

There is another business trip coming to Paris by train beginning of April, we will see if I will start a new pair of socks by then or will still be working on these.

So, up to you: How was your week, knitting-wise?
What are you planning ?
Please let me know in the comments!

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12 Kommentare:

  1. I have to go back and look at your Breathing Space. The shawl is very pretty and I love how the sweater is looking.....self stripe yarn is the best!

    1. Yes, I also like the mindlessness (is that even a word???) of self-striping sockyarn!

  2. Your RBTL shawl is breath taking. It goes perfectly with your Breathing Space sweater too. Your new sweater is quite striking. The colors your have chosen really compliment each other. Personally, I like the bright icord around the neck. That opal yarn is so cool. I love the pattern it is making on the sock. The Which Way shawl is quite unique. You have such a great eye for color, I know you will make it perfect.............eventually LOL.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I currently think I will postpone that shawl and switch it to be number 6, so I can pretend Riyito would have been my No. 4 sweater...

  3. Unfortunately with my sore arm my knitting is minimal, but I hope to get at least two more squares done on my blanket. I think I can knit about 20 rows a night. It is hard to be a knitter and pull up lame!

  4. Oh, poor you! Hope your arm gets better soon. Maybe you could do some dream knitting, plan future products or dive into your stash of patterns...

  5. I really like the mix of the bright colour, striped yarn and then neutral tone, it will go with so many things when it is finished. I love how your sock yarn matches your project bag.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I really like the combination of teal and brown. Oh, and you are right with the project bag - just see it now!

  6. Your rbtl shawl is beautiful and goes perfectly with breathing space. That opal yarn is fabulous, I love it and the way it is knitting up.

  7. Your Read Between the Lines is beautiful! And so is your Riyito sweater. What fun these will be to wear. And what fun is that yarn you're knitting your vanilla socks with! What a great traveling project.

  8. I like how your RBTL shawl looks with your Breathing Space and you've made some good progress on your Riyito. I like the neutral bottom to it.

  9. Love that shawl! It turned out great. As for your Riyoto...I would never think of those colors together but they are really a striking combination. As for the neck being too wide....maybe you could make a matching cowl? The Opal Illusion yarn is gorgeous and what great socks it is making. You do beautiful work.


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