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Star Pillow Knitting and advent caroling; Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

Star Pillow Knitting and advent carols

I think this will be a quite short post this week, as I do not have the feeling that I achieved a lot. But I knitted on my star pillow, of course, as I am hosting the Knit Along:

As I said here >>, I will knit the Star Pillow >> from December 1 to 24 to be my Advent calendar. I opened a thread in the German speaking Ravelry-Group "Zusammenstricken" >>  and I will also share my progress in the Year of Projects group. Feel free to also acheck my blog for further information >>

We will knit the first "body part" in the first week, the second in the second week, the zags 1-3 in week 3 and the last two zags in week 4.

Finished after week 1 of the KAL: My star pillow

It was a little frustrating inbetween, as I had to switch to DPNs instead of the circular needle inbetween. The "dangling" of the needle (or the cable, to be exact) when working magic loop was not at all convenient. So I dug deep into my needle stash and grabbed my good old DPNs. I have stopped working DPNs years ago, but after some adapting, it was ok.

The good thing is that working with the "porcupine" of 5 DPNs looks really "scary" and advanced to "knitting muggles". Nevertheless, it was good to have the KAL group, otherwise I would have probably frogged the whole thing.

We had quite an interesting discussion on  small circular needles in the Ravelry-Group "Zusammenstricken" >>  (like Addi Sockenwunder * >> or those of Chiaogoo *>> ) and I would really like to try those.

Some crochet after a long pause: Lonzo the Lama

I did not crochet for a long time, but I am currently reading a book in which one of the characters crochets amigurumi * >>, so I decided to start an amigurumi project as well - meet Lonzo, the Lama (though I think mine will be an alpaka...) >>

Lonzo, the Lama in the making

As you can see, I am not very far into it, but it is really fun making him so far! The patterns from this book * >> are all cute beyond believe and I cannot wait to make the next little critter- the seagull >>, maybe?

No further crafting, but some singing

That was it, crafting-wise, no further progress on my Cria cardigan >> But I went to a public carol singing in our Ettlinger castle on Friday, and it was just great!

Christmas singing in the Ettlingen Castle on Dec. 7 2018

You may want to check my Instagram for a video >> We sang a mix of modern and traditional christmas songs, and in addition to the band you see on the photo above, there also was a traditional "Posaunenchor" brass band for the more traditional songs.

My favourite modern christmas song would be "Stern über Betlehem" >> (that we sang on Friday)

Oder maybe it is "Mache Dich auf und werde Licht" >>? I cannot decide...
But as this is already part of the official catholic song book, this is meanwhile more a tradtional song ?

As for the "really traditional" songs, i.e. those who would be usually be sung in church, accompanied by an organ, my favourite is probably "Menschen die Ihr ward verloren" >> . But is usually very hard for the organ player to get the community to join in not toooo slow...

I also like "Ich steh an Deiner Krippen hier" in this version >> which we also sang on Friday, but as a child, I always sang a different melody i.e. this >>

So, that was my week so far.
Let me know in the comments which your favourite christmas or holiday song is !

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12 Kommentare:

  1. I love the yarn you've chosen for your star pillow and it's really coming along nicely. It's a great Advent project. How cute is Lonzo the camel, it's been ages from I've crocheted an amigurumi and I'd forgotten how cute they were! Really loved hearing all the singing, thank you for sharing.

    1. Dear Ruth, I wonder if there will be some amigurumi in your future... ;-)

  2. Your pillow looks great so far and I look forward to seeing your llama/alpaca when he is finished...we have a field of alpacas in the next village to us and they are so cute. I’ll check out the videos later this week.

    1. Thanks! Yes, Alpacas are sooo cute - I especially LOVE their eyes, so big and soulful!

  3. I love your llama/alpaca. I love the look of amigurumi, but mine just doesn't look quite the same. Your pillow is coming along nicely.

    1. Thanks Lucy! Well, I think those little critters always look cute somehow, even if they are different from the picture in the pattern.

  4. Your star pillow is looking great, Domic! And that llama is so cute. Can't wait to see your alpaca take shape. A public carol sing - how fun! While I couldn't understand a word, I enjoyed the different videos - my favorite tune was "Menschen die Ihr ward verloren" -- While I couldn't understand the words, the music and voices were so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of those!

    1. You*re welcome, Becki! I also like that song though it tends to be sung a little to slow for my taste...

  5. I want to do that star pillow but just not now lol! I love the colors of yours and also Marsha's. What a cute book! Those critters are precious! I'm going to see if they have it in the U.S Amazon...I hope so. I will come back and listen to all the wonderful music this afternoon while I wrap presents...thank you for sharing it all. I wish we had a castle! LOL!

    1. Glad you liked the crochet critters - I think they are available as single patterns on Ravelry, in case you do not get it on Amazon.

  6. My favourite Christmas song is either 'Mary did you know', or 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

    1. Oh, yes, I love the chesnut song! It is not so easy to sing, though.. I have a colleague who is a great piano player and usually plays during our christmas party, but this song had to be instrumental as nobody dared to sing along. I do not know the Mary song, will have to look that up.


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