Sonntag, 18. November 2018

Thick socks, a walk to the frog pond and a little progress on the cowl: Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

Sport weight socks,
progress on the cowl and
a walk to the frog pond

Pfft... I am not sure if I should call this week a success - although I have a finished object...

Finished: My pair of sport weight socks

Finished: A pair of socks from sportweight yarn

I finished the pair of socks from sport weight >> and I am very glad I did! If I learned something from this, it would be that I really DO NOT LIKE to knit socks out of sport weight yarn. I cannot really say why - they go quickly, but I really do not enjoy making them. I personally do not wear sportweight socks as I do wear my handknit socks in shoes every day and sportweight is too thick to fit.

Nevertheless, this finished pair will make a good gift for somebody that wears socks more without anything else above around the house - I have somebody in mind there....

A walk to the frog pond: Started a pair of Yoga socks for the second time

A pair of yoga socks, second try

Well, the idea was to use the leftovers from the socks mentioned above to knit a pair of Yoga socks >> using a Drops pattern >> And another part of the idea was that this would be my "early morning mindless knitting" project for the week(s) to come.

But that did not really go too well: Early morning knitting means that I will have to knit in artificial light. And the dark purple-brownish part of the yarn makes it VERY hard for me to see the pattern in artificial light. In addition, I did not have the pattern chart with me to look up the lace pattern (I thought I would just look at what I already knitted and I would see...) And I tend to listen to audiobooks or read when I knit - this did not work at all.

I messed up the pattern and knitted when I should have purled and did decreases too late or too early... So I had to take this to the frog pond an rib it all out. Something I HATE doing... But however, it comes along nicely now and will just not be the mindless project I planned it to be. 

A side note: I plan to go to a yoga class

You might wonder who is the intended recipient of these socks. Well, to be honest I do not know yet. If I finish them in time, they might become a birthday gift but I might as well use them for myself as I plan to start to go to a yoga class which will start by the end of the month.

I tried Yoga earlier, but I did not like the teacher too much, so I did not really finish it. But I recently started to watch Youtube videos and found out that I really enjoy of this mindfull practice and that I would like to "learn it properly" which for me means I want to learn it from a "real life person". 

So I signed up at a local yoga studio and I am really looking forward to that!
I contacted a fellow knitter who does yoga and she said that for her it is important that the socks fit rather tightly and leave the heel and enough of the toes free so that she has a good "grip" when practicing.

If you do yoga: What other accessories have you knitted or crocheted?
What helped you when you started?
Please let me know in the comments!

Schlauchdingens: Added the blue part

A little progress on my Schlauchdingens cowl

As I concentrated my knitting on the sport weight socks just to "get rid of them" I made only a little progress on the Schlauchdingens cowl >>

I added the pure blue part mainly when I was frustrated about the Yoga sock and needed something really mindless to knit on.

I still like very much how it knits up and the yarn is really cozy. 

As the Yoga sock is not as mindless as I hope, this upgrated to be me "mindless" project at the moment.

I will now "fade in" the grey yarn again and maybe also a little bit of the yellow again.

I think I will use up 1 ball each of the blue and the yellow (both Drops Nord) and the grey (Drops Flora) yarn and will then finish it.

I am positive that I might be able to finish this by next week - we will see.

So, how was your knitting or crocheting week? 

Any failures? Any progress? Any plans? 

Please let me know in the comments!

14 Kommentare:

  1. Ohn das hört sich aber sehr interessant an! Genau mein Ding solche Jahresprojekte und Planungen!! Kann man da anfangen, wann man will?? Ich würde ja schon denken, ich warte bis zum 1. Januar wenn das geht, darauf kommt es dann auch nicht mehr an und vor Weihnachten schaffe ich sowieso kaum was ...

    1. Du kannst jederzeit einsteigen - mein Einstieg war am 21. September (oder so). Guck einfach mal in der Ravelry-Gruppe vorbei.

    2. Du kannst aber auch am 1. Januar einsteigen und den Kalenderwochen folgen, es sind ein paar dabei, die das so machen, ist ja auch leichter nachzuverfolgen, vor allem, wenn man mal ne Woche ausläßt. ;-)

  2. I agree, sport weight socks and shoes do not mix well. Maybe boots and sport weight socks but not shoes. I do like the pattern of the socks though. SO sorry to hear about your visit to the frog pond. We all go there from time to time. Just consider it a learning experience. I have never done yoga so have no ideas for what accessories you could make to go with you. Maybe a headband if you have long hair or bangs that could get in your eyes. How about a bag to put your shoes in or a mat carrier? Your cowl is coming along quite nicely. Looks very warm and will be perfect for those winter hikes in the black forest.

    1. Thanks - I meanwhile finished the Yoga socks and my learning experience was that it was mainly the darkest part of the yarn in artificial light. I finished the rest in daylight, but I think I could have done the darker parts in artificial light as well with the lighter yarn. Oh well. I decided to gift the thick socks and will cast on a pair from fingering weight alpaka sockyarn for myself.

  3. I really love how the cowl has come along, a really great mindless knit! Well done on finishing the socks, specially as they weren't completely enjoyable for you and best of luck with the yoga socks, I hope you get them complete in time to wear to your yoga class.

    1. Thanks - I alsow enjoy working on the cowl, especially now as it is around freezing point outside. It is so nice and warm and cozy on my lap.

  4. I haven’t tried using sport weight for socks, but I do mostly wear walking shoes, so perhaps I should try! Nice colours.

    1. Yes, these could be a good option for hiking boots or winter boots - let me know how you like them once you tried!

  5. The blue addition to your Schlauchdingens cowl is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, yes, it is a really nice denim blue colour. It is a little lighter than it shows on the picture (at least on my screen) and I really like it together with the grey. I think it looks better when the yellow and the blue do not meet directly.

  6. The cowl is beautiful. I also think the socks are lovely, I wear my thinker socks in Wellington boots!

  7. You and I are sisters! I cannot do anything very complex in knitting. I must focus as my mind wanders too easily! LOL! I love the look of the sport weight socks but I can see where they might be too thick for shoes. Love those colors too. Your cowl is exquisite and I can't wait to order some of that yarn those colors together. Good luck with the yoga and the yoga socks. It seems all I watch any more is You Tube for it!

  8. I love the cowl thingamabob, the colours look lovely together. As for yoga, it's just not my kind of sport, there's too much esoteric stuff involved for me. Your yoga socks look great, I just looked on your Rav project page, and saw that there done. Well done!


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