Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018

I have a FO - my MineCraft socks are ready - Update for "A Year of Projects"

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

I have a FO - my minecraft socks are finished: Another goal reached for my Year of Projects

Wow, that went kind of quick! When starting the Minecraft socks last Friday >>, I just wanted a travel on-the-go project and as I did not want to do plain vanilla socks again, I started that simple pattern (free on Ravelry) >>.

Finished: Minecraft Socks from Woll Butt Yarn

But I really enjoyed knitting this! The knitting went really fast, I found it quite addictive: "Let me just finish this row of cobble stones.. oh, well, I might as well knit another row..." Definitely will knit this pattern soon again.

So, here they are - ta-daaah!

As I said, I like the result and also like how the "cobblestones" do NOT match the stripes and create a different structural stripe pattern.

2nd pair of socks casted on: Broken Seedstitch Scrappy Socks

One of my goals was to knit 12 pairs of socks, another is to use my stash and decrease it. I also really enjoyed leftovers socks >>, so I decided to start a pair of Broken Seedstitch socks >> 

This is also a free pattern on Ravelry >> and I already made a pair of socks in 2016 >> following this pattern. But I also used the stitch pattern in other projects, for example in this hat >> and I really like how it looks.

I am using leftovers from my Groovy socks >> and also some of the Regia Arne & Carlos Yarn * >> They look a little dull on the photo, but they are really nice. I will use the solid colourd Lang Yarns Jawoll * >> for cuffs and heels, as I am not sure if I have enough leftovers otherwise.

What was all that travel, anyway?

As I mentioned, I casted on those socks as I was on a business trip last week. I took the train to the airport and had 3 hours uninterupted knitting time there, in which I finished the first sock (I got a lot done during knitting group on Saturday already).

I then flew to Luxe Pack in Monaco on Monday morning. Yeah, though it is still a trade show and work, I have to admit that there are worse places to travel to... The photo was taken in the little park below the Place du Casino.

And this photo was taken in a shopping mall also quite close to the casino. I went there in the lunch break and got some ice cream there which I then ate on a bench in that little park with a view to the Cote d'Azur ... As I said, there are worse things you have to do...

I was able to knit quite a bit on the second sock in my hotel room and I turned the heel on the train back home on Wednesday.

What's up next week? 

No business travel next week, I might even be able to take a day off. I want to knit on the scrappy sock. I actually will make this my "morning routine" sock. When working on the advent calendar socks, I always knitted about 30 minutes on them first thing in the morning and I really liked that. So I decided I will always have a tiny project on the go for that reason.

I also plan to seriously start my christmas gift knitting, I at least want to do a swatch for that shrug I have in mind.

So, now to you: What are you planning?
What are you knitting on?
Please let me know in the comments below!

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10 Kommentare:

  1. Oh I am going to knit those stashbuster socks - I have just the perfect mini skeins to do it in lovely rainbow stripes. Thanks for the pattern link.

    1. You're welcome! I am really enjoying them, I must say! Could well be that I cast on another pair right after I finished this one!

  2. Both of those socks are awesome looking. I can see how the Minecraft socks would have been easy to knit "just one more row". And the Broken Seedstitch Scrappy socks looks very interesting. It will be fun to see how the two different variegated yarns work throughout the whole socks. I really like your idea of a morning knitting routine. I'm going to think about how to apply that myself. Great idea!

    1. Yes, I can definitely recommend the "morning knitting". However, today I had to tink back a row as I forgot that it was a k1, p1 row and not a plain knit row. I probably was not totally awake yet.

  3. I really like both those sock patterns and may need to add those to my queue! I'm interested to see how the broken seedstitch ones will look when they are finished, and how they'll feel...they look great so far

    1. Thanks! I meanwhile turned the heel and finished the gusset decreases and I still like them. However, I will probably not be able to tell how they wear as I will probably not keep them.

  4. Your socks are really very pretty and there is nothing quite as satisfying as stashbusting socks.

    1. Very true! But I am running short on leftovers, so I will probably have to knit the next pair with a "fresh" ball of yarn.

  5. I entirely love the idea of scheduling 30 minutes to knit at the start of your morning. I’m going to make that a goal for this week. I also love your Minecraft socks. And you’re right, the fact that the pattern doesn’t match up to the stripes makes it much more interesting.

    You certainly go to interesting places on your business trips!

    1. Yes, there are worse places to go to than the Cote d'Azur! I am curious to hear how you like your "early morning knitting"!


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