Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018

Advent Knitting, finally! Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

Finally: Advent knitting and christmas projects

Okay, after the frog pond event I had with the first pair of yoga socks >> , I finally memorized the pattern and the second pair I made for me went relatively smoothly  - voila: Habemus Finished Object >>

Finished: My Yoga Socks made from Drops Nord

I quite like them and I wore them for my first Yoga lesson. This was quite nice, by the way. It was mainly getting to know each other and some easy stretching and breathing. But I like our teacher a lot more than the one I had in previous Yoga tries.

Originally, I planned to do a little yoga every day after the class, but that did not work out so far - I still would need to find the ideal occassion to do this. I could do it in the morning directly out of bed, but I keep my bedroom relatively cool, so I think this will be to cold for my taste. Well, we will see.

Christmas Knitting started: Cria

Cria: My christmas project for this year

I made it a ritual in recent years to always cast on a bigger project to knit on during the Christmas holiday season. I had the yarn * >> lying around here for 2 years already and I own the book for even longer, 6 years maybe?

However, I think it is about time I will use this - and I really like the Cria pattern >> so far. It is my first sweater using a saddle shoulder construction and it was a lot of fun trying something new.

In addition, I like to read and knit at the same time on my ebook-Reader, and this is the perfect project to do so.

Finally: Advent Knitting has started!

As I said here >>, I will knit the Star Pillow >> from December 1 to 24 to be my Advent calendar. I opened a thread in the German speaking Ravelry-Group "Zusammenstricken" >>  and I will also share my progress in the Year of Projects group. Feel free to also acheck my blog for further information >>

Started on Dec. 1st: #Starpillowkal2018

We will knit the first "body part" in the first week, the second in the second week, the zags 1-3 in week 3 and the last two zags in week 4. I casted on on Dec. 1 - voila:

My second try already: Cast on of my Star Pillow for #Starpillowkal2018

This is my second try already, to be honest, as I thought I would not need any stitch markers... yeah... I forget that this is with 5 increase points, so not an even number as usual when I knit magic loop, and so I totally messed up the increases.

As you see, I have quite a big hole in the middle, but I will just use the cast-on thread to close it in the end. I think it is just too fiddly to start with a crochet cast on or similair.

This is really fun! We are more than 10 people knitting this on Ravelry alone - maybe you also want to join? That would be great! Just join us in the Ravelry group, leave a comment on the blog or use #starpillowkal2018 on Instagram.

Further projects: Cookie baking

I started making some cookies, from peanut butter >> (which I wanted to use up anyway, I brought it from my trip to Amsterdam earlier this year >>), dates, almond meal, cinnamon and whole wheat flour - I think the turned out quite well!

So well that I will have to hide them from myself if I want to have some left for Christmas...

So, how as your week?
Please let me know in the comments below!

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7 Kommentare:

  1. I still need to cast on my star pillow. Got super busy last night. Joined thecKAL group. How nice that my computer will automatically translate the German posts into English. Now to see if I can remember any of my high school German to post in the group.

    I like the yarn for your sweater. Your yoga socms turned out nice too.

    1. Yes, isn't it amazing how good these automatic translations are meanwhile! Especially when it is from English to German, it is usually really good, at least understandable.

  2. I am pleased you have found a yoga teacher and class you like. I find I soon warm up doing yoga so your bedroom may be worth trying even if it is a little cooler. I like the idea of yoga socks so will add to my list for next year.

    1. Hm -good point! So I might give it a try, maybe just 1 or 2 asanas...

  3. Your yoga socks turned out beautiful! And I'm so glad so many are joining you in making a star pillow. I will be following along with interest.

    1. Thanks Becki! Yes, it is a lot of fun doing this as a knit along!

  4. Your yoga socks turned out great! I love the sweater you want to cast on and also that scrumptious pretty. I can't join your star KAL but I will be rooting for all of you! I really like the sparkly yarn you're using for that too.


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