Sonntag, 25. November 2018

Yoga socks, tube shawl, more yoga socks and a book: Update on my Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

Yoga socks finished, tube shawl finished, another pair of yoga socks started and a pattern book bought

Not too bad, I would say! After my first walk to the frog pond with my yoga socks >>, the second time it worked out and I finished them in time for my colleague's birthday on Friday.

As you can see, the very dark part was only in the first sock, it was much easier to see what pattern row I was at with the second sock.

I mainly worked on it in daylight, but - wether it was due to the colour or due to the fact that I meanwhile memorized the pattern better, I did not have to look up the chart too often

Second Yoga Sock started - for me this time!

I think I mentioned earlier that I will start Yoga classes Wednesday next week. I am very excited about that! I tried Yoga earlier at a different course, but I was not too keen on the teacher. Hopefully it will be better this time!

So I started another pair of these  >>, this time for myself. It would be great if the socks can be ready for my first class, but if not - there are 9 more classes to come when I can wear them.

Again, it is much easier for me now to follow the pattern, maybe because the colour is lighter, maybe because I know the pattern better - whatever! I am using fingering weight yarn for this, Drops Nord, to be exact.

It has quite a bit of Alpaka in it and I really like how cozy this feels!

Yoga socks for me, made from Drops Nord

Tube shawl finished as well

I have another finished object this week - yeah! I finished my second tube shawl >>on Thursday and I really like it!

Finished: My second tube shawl, made from Drops Nord and Drops Flora

I just increased two stitches every other row to give it a triangle point in front and I made up the pattern as I went, inspired by some other patterns I saw on Ravelry. I especially like how the simple knit and purl patterns look in the lighter yarns, in the light grey for example. It is very nice and warm and cozy and I also like the colours a lot.

Weak moments when shopping for groceries: Knitting patterns from Aldi Sued

Well.... The plan was to mainly use what I have, not only stash, but also patterns and books... But then I read this blog post from Ingrid >> where she mentioned that the Aldi chain has knitting books for just 3 Euros available and that the patterns are really nice....

So, when we went to our weekly grocery shopping tour to Aldi Sued - see what happened....

Detailed shot of the tube shawl - and a pattern book from Aldi...

There are really nice patterns in there! I am definitely planning to make the brioche shawl very soon, I just have to decide what yarn to use...

There is more Nord yarn in my stash, for example, in bright purple, in dusty pink and in natural white.

There a quite a number of patterns from Marisa Nöldeke in this book, for example this >> which is quite on top of my "must start now" list...

Advent is approaching: Star Pillow KAL will start next Saturday! #starpillowkal2018

I decided that this will be my Advent knitting project! So I will host my very first Knit Along! Would you like to join me?

I will cast on on December 1, which is next Saturday and will finish on Dec. 24.

I will  devide the pattern by weeks, so I will need the front "body" in week 1, the back "body" in week 2, 3 "zags" in week 3 and 2 "zags" in week 4 (as it is not a full week).

It would really keep me motivated if some of the dear blog readers would join in!
Just add a link to your projects in the comments here on the blog. 

Or, if you prefer to use Instagram, use the hashtag #starpillowkal2018

So, let me know:
How was your knitting week?
Will you join me for the Advent KAL? Or will you participate in any other Advent KAL or CALs? Please let me know in the comments!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Nice yoga socks and I love the shawl, well done on the design.

    1. Thanks! I am currently wearing the shawl, it is very nice and cozy!

  2. No, I can't join your KAL as I will be lucky to get all my Christmas gifts made! LOL! I love both pairs of the yoga socks and glad you are able to enjoy the pattern now. I adore your shawl in those lovely colors and I can see why you would want to start the other one...lovely! I'll have to ask my daughter if her Aldi's has knitting stuff. She shops there all the time. There is none where I live. Have a great week!

    1. Hi, it depends if she is Aldi Nord or Aldi Sued - I am in the Aldi Sued area and they had knitting (and crocheting and sewing) books and yarn this week.

  3. Dein Tuch gefällt mir gut in diesen Farben. Und wie ich sehe, hast du auch bei Aldi zugeschlagen :)

    1. Jau - und Du bis Schuld! ;-) Danke nochmal für den Tipp!

  4. I think the colors in your tube shawl are gorgeous. And I think the Tube Thing is so fun, and I imagine practical, too. Way to go on the yoga socks. I hope your next instructor is better! I won't be joining in on the KAL, but I look forward to seeing the projects of all who do join.

    1. Thanks Becki! I actually was able to finish the green socks within two days, so I can wear them to my first class on Wednesday.

  5. Your tube shawl is gorgeous and I want some yoga socks now even though I don't do yoga!

    1. Thanks! Well, you can use them for Pilates as well, so I heard... Or you just add heels and toes and make normal socks form that pattern

  6. Your shawl and socks look great and I hope you enjoy the yoga this time!
    I won't be able to join in the KAL but only because I'm still in the middle of courses and I just simply won't have time but I am going to enjoy looking at everybody's!

  7. Loving the socks and the shawl. The colors of the shawl are so lovely. It will go with anything! I am going to try and do the KAL with you. I am also doing the Advent Scarf KAL and am behind on it because of traveling. I should be able to catch up on the scarf this weekend so there should be plenty of time to work on the pillow. Will you be doing instructions on the YOP discussion board somewhere? I have the pattern printed out but sometimes I need help with things I don't understand and was just wondering where to go to get your expert advice.


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