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A pair of socks and a poncho-cowly-thing: Update on my year of projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

A pair of socks, a tube thing and more WIPs on the go

Well, this was a very good week! I finished 2 projects, started 2 and frogged two WIPs which had been in sleeping for 1 or even 2 years!

Finished Object 1: A pair of Schicke Stinos

Finished: A pair of Schicke Stinos from Buttinette Farbenglück package

My Schicke Stinos >> have been ready for nearly a week now. I knit on them only last weekend, so they got done quite quickly.

I really like the colours and they were quite fun to knit!

Use what I have: Another pair from sportweight sockyarn

Part of my goals was to use the yarn I have instead of buying new stuff. Well, this yarn has been sitting in my stash for about a year. I tried to sell it as I am not really keen on socks from thicker yarn, i.e. sport weight in this case.

However, nobody wanted it so far and so I decided I could as well cast on a pair of thicker socks from these for a gift. I personally do not really like thick socks as I wear my handknitted socks in shoes normally and that would be too thick.
So, I started another pair of Minecraft socks >> .

As you can see, I already turned the heel on the first sock. I did not use the "full" pattern for those, but just alternated rows of k2, p2 with 2 rows of stockinette and then do p2, k2. But I really do not like how that pattern looks, so I will not contiue doing it on the foot. I wish I would have made them plain vanilla, but well - as it is sport weight, those will hopefully be done quite quickly.

Finished Object No. 2: The Tube Thingie - I am in LOOOVE!

I only casted this >> on to use up that Drops Air I had left from several projects.

I was definitely NOT exspecting that this would look be so wonderful and that I would like it so much - but I DO!

I especially like the drape it creates around the neck. The yarn is perfect for capelet/poncho-projects, it is light as a feather and  very warm.

As all the Alpaca yarn from Drops is on sale by the end of this year, I am really tempted to stock up on some of those great, fluffy balls....

But I have been brave and strong so far and instead, I went stash diving again.

I came up with some Drops Nord and Drops Flora, part of which was still engaged with other projects...

Oh, by the way: Can you tell I played around with a new app I have on my smartphone to "pimp" my fotos? Well, I guess you can! ;-)

It is called "Snapseed" >> and I can really recommend it! It is easy to for example add text to your photos or to add a fancy filter... 

Yes, I know - I might have overdone it a little... ;-))

I am using it on an Android phone, but I am sure there is an aquvivalent for the iphone.

2 Projects to the frog pond: A brioche scarf and that fair isle thing

So, as I am totally in love with that tube thing, I wanted to cast on a second one at once. And I was brave - no new yarn, use what I have!

Well, in my WIPs, there was a tiny bit of a brioche scarf >> which I casted on 2 years ago to first try out Drops Flora.

Sorry for the blurry photo: Brioche from Drops Flora

I quite liked how the colours looked together, but I could not see myself finishing this thing from a fingering weight yarn. It has been neglected for 2 years for a reason, I guess....

The second WIP I frogged was this fair isle cowl/scarf >> I started it to train my fair isle skills, but I did not really like the colour combination and also my tension was very loose inbetween - I still need a lot of training...

Not very pretty: My Fair Isle training piece from Drops Nord

Schlauchdingens 2.0: Will add stitch patterns as I go

So, now I have enough yarn to start of with my second version of that Schlauchdingens >>

Schlauchdingens No. 2 from Drops Flora and Drops Nord

Tube Thing from Drops Flora & Drops Nord
I started with the grey Drops Flora and then blended in the mustard coloured Nord. 

At the moment, I do not plan to place the yellow and the blue directly next to each other, as I did not like the look in the fair isle thingie too much.

I will add in stitch patterns as I go, whatever comes to mind.

I added a simple stripe of seed stitch and a simple yo, k2tg lace pattern in the grey part and faded in the yellow with some rows of broken seedstitch (which I love to use to fade in colours - see here >>)

I really love how it is coming along so far! 

I plan to make the neck part a little longer and narrower, to add some drape on my neck and also to avoid having a gap between my neck and the cowl which will let the cold air in.

Further plans: A Knit Along for that Star Pillow

I decided that this will definitely be my Advent knitting project! And I would love to host my very first Knit Along! Would you like to join me?

I will cast on on December 1 and will finish on Dec. 24. I will probably devide the pattern by weeks, so I will need the front "body" in week 1, the back "body" in week 2, 3 "zags" in week 3 and 2 "zags" in week 4 (as it is not a full week).

It would really keep me motivated if some of the dear blog readers would join in!
Just add a link to your projects in the comments here on the blog. 

Or, if you prefer to use Instagram, use the hashtag #starpillowkal2018

So, now to you: How was your week?
What have you been working on?
And do you want to join me in the #starpillowkal2018?
Please let me know in the comments below!

12 Kommentare:

  1. Du hast ja wieder schöne Sachen auf den Nadeln. Das Schlauchdingens habe ich irgendwann auch mal angeschlagen (habe ich es geribbelt oder liegt es noch irgendwo rum, da muss ich echt mal schauen).

    1. Danke! Ja, ich hatte das auch lange nicht im relevant Set, weil ich dachte, das ist mir über die Schultern zu schmal und zuviel Gewurschtel am Hals - aber genau dieses Gewurschtel nenne ich jetzt "Drape" und finde es gerade toll ! ;-))

  2. I am pleased it isn’t just me that wishes she was knitting vanilla socks. Unfortunately I can’t do the star pillow this year as I have some Christmas presents to make. Good luck with your KAL. The poncho looks wonderful and I love the drape and warmth you get from alpaca.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think my next sock will be plain stockinette - maybe from leftovers, to get some distraction.

  3. The star pillow would something I am interested it. I do not do color work but wouod be happy to use self striping or variegated yarn to do one. We are doing gift exchange for Christmas and this would work for anyone that pulled my number.

    1. Yes, I also think about using my finished pillow as a gift - I have several family members who celecbrate their birthday around christmas as well.

  4. Your finished socks and Snapseed both look great. Good job on clearing two WIPs out of the way and on repurposing the yarn. Enjoy and best of luck with the KAL, unfortunately I won't be able to join in this December.

    1. Dear Ruth, thanks! Yes, I am kind of proud that I repurposed that yarn and did not (yet) give into the temptation to buy more Air...

  5. So many beautiful projects. I just love your self-striping yarn in those socks (both pairs). And the tube thing! Yours turned out beautiful. And wow, does it look soft! I've seen it on Ravelry and I think it's such a cool "thing". :) So glad it exceeded your expectations.

    1. Thanks Becki! Yes, I definitely also like the self striping yarn. And I really love the warmth and softness of that tube thingie!

  6. Your socks look brilliant and the scarf looks so wonderfully soft and cosy. I may well join you to knit the star pillow, I will see how I get on with my other projects and a few other knitalongs that are about to start.

  7. Love all your projects and the yarn colors are gorgeous. Your socks are both nice and I like the Mine Craft pattern. The yarn looks like fingering weight from here. I would love to join the knit along but I've got my hands full making Christmas presents. Good luck! I can't wait to see your new cowl develope. So far it is really pretty!


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