Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018

First of my Broken Seedstitch Socks is done: Update on A Year of Projects

I decided to join the A Year of Projects Blog-Along on Ravelry >> - you can find details here >>

So here is my update on what I achieved this week.

I have a HO (Half Finished Object) - first of my Broken Seedstitch Sock is done

I doubt that I can continue at this pace, but again I finished something - though it is just half of a finished object, i.e. 1 sock as part of a pair...

As you can see, I used the contrasting yarn for toe, cuff and heel (well, you cannot see the heel on this photo, but you just have to trust me there ;-)

I really like how the two self striping yarns look together! I did the k1, p1 pattern with the brighter yarn from Buttinette and used the Regia yarn * >> for the plain knit rows. I would have expected the lighter Regia to be the background colour, but obviously the plain knit rows become the foreground colour.

I already casted on the second sock and briefly thought about changeing background and foreground for that. But as I am not sure HOW different that will look and I will probably not keep this sock for myself, I decided to do it in the same pattern. Not everybody appreciates miss-matched socks as I do...

But I really like the pattern and are already planning to make another pair of socks, look at this:

Started my christmas knitting: Garter Stitch Shrug

Tripsy cowl, knit on the bias
I started this with a failure learning experience:

I decided to knit this as a garter stitch rectangle on the bias. In my first attempt,

I only increased on one side of my starting triangle. But that would have only worked if I sewed this into a loop like I have done for a cowl earlier, like this one >>

My false start: Increasing only on one side 
But as I want to make a rectangle >> which is NOT sewn into a loop, I will have to increase evenly at both sides of my starting triangle.

Yeah, so I ripped out my complete work (and found out that my yarn * >> does NOT like being ripped back - you have to be very carefull not to break it)

Well.... So I learned that and started again. At least I enjoyed the wonderful warm fall weather sitting on our terrace and knitting in the sun.

So now I re-started and reached the width of app. 56 cm, so I started the straight part of my rectangle, blending or "fading" in the second colour, a greyish-blue (not as blue as it comes along in my monitor)

Blended in the second colour
I am using a free "pattern" from a German designer for the rectangle >> as well as for the sewing up of the shrug later (same designer) >>

Though for her shrug, she uses a pattern which is way more elaborate, so I will just copy the way she sews up the rectangle.

I also want to attach some ribbing and will have to see if and how I will have enough yarn.

At the moment, I am planning to use up the blueish-grey and then blend in the natural colour again for the second "corner".

I would also have a more greyish, darker colour of that yarn which I could use, but I am not sure if and how I should blend that in.

Well, wait and see! I do not espect to be ready with the straight part by next week, so I can cross that bridge when I come to it.

What else happened? I did a little hiking tour

As I mentioned last week, I had a free day on Wednesday. It is still very beautiful weather, so I decided to do a little "hike". I tried part of a long distance trail which leads from Odenwald in the middle of Germany to the Vogesen in France.
Etappe 8 starts in Karlsruhe >>, so I tried that.

Bulacher Katze on the Albbrücke

Fall leaves in Karlsruhe Oct. 10 2018

Purpurwinde (have to look up the name in English) in one of the gardens I passed

Snacking on some almonds and a carrot on the way

It was soooo much fun! Here is some background information on the areas I passed >>

I only did the very first part up to Daxlanden and then took the streetcar back. But I do definitely plan to finish that hike and also to do etappe 7 which leads from Bruchsal to Karlsruhe.

So, up to you: How was your week?
Did you start Christmas crafting already?
How is the weather where you live?
Please let me know in the comments below!

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10 Kommentare:

  1. Your Seedstitch shrug looks great and I'm glad your Garter Stitch Shrug is now progressing the way you want it, the fading on it looks great.

    1. Thanks! I am making good progress with that shrug, I started the decreases yesterday.

  2. I love the sock, such an interesting look. The flower is Common Morning Glory in English :)

    1. Thanks! "Morning Glory" is a much nicer than the literal translation from German "pageantry vine"

  3. The sock is so pretty, and I love the close-up picture. Your other projects are beautiful, too. The picture of the autumn leaves and talk of hiking inspires me to take my camera on a walk. Only our leaves haven't begun to turn, yet. Though I imagine that could start happening any minute now. No frost here yet, but it's turned chilly and rainy.

    1. No frost here either! And very dry, warm weather - but still the leaves are changing colour.

  4. I like your sock. What an interesting look it has. The information on the way the fore ground and back ground color came about is interesting.

    You hiking photos are great. It has finally cooled off here and walking is now on my to do list. My dogs will appreciate it too.

    1. Thanks! Yes, this was really fun - I plan to continue the walk in the near future.

  5. You have made lots of progress. I love the look of the socks - it's nice to do something unusual.

  6. Beautiful sock! I'll have to look up that stitch. I also really like your shawl with those colors. Your hike looked lovely. I am in the South U.S. and the colors haven't changed much yet and it is unseasonably cold right now. I am doing some Christmas crafting but also want to finish some other projects too. I've had a great week as I have been 'de-cluttering' and I can really see a difference. Take care!


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