Sonntag, 20. September 2015

Henni, die Haferflockenjacke

Das erste fertige Grossprojekt wurde schon in der Weihnachtszeit 2014 angefangen und lag zwischenzeitlich immer mal in der Ecke.  Nun ist es aber endlich fertig geworden und ich bin sehr begeistert- die Passform in den Schultern ist so gut, wie ich sie bisher noch nie hinbekommen habe, und die einfache Supergarne-Sockenwolle (die Farbe gibt es leider nicht mehr) ist super zu verstricken und vielseitig zu kombinieren.

Sollte ich die Jacke nochmal stricken würde ich allerdings vorne einen V-Ausschnitt dran machen, damit sie auch zu schliessen ist - ansonsten gibt es 5 Sterne für die Anleitung von Frau Strickauszeit!

June 3d Blocked and dried - love it! Ok, you see the marks of the Waescheklammern (no idea what the English word is…) a little at the hem and I would use a tighter bind off there next time- but the rest is just great, love the fit in the shoulders! Did the sleeves in 3 mm needle alltogether, so I am glad I made them using the M2 measurements - would be a tad too tight otherwise.
May 31st Yeah, finished! Really grew to love this! Love the colour, love the fit, love the pattern for sleeve cuffs and front band. Just the bottom band is currently still rolling a little, I hope this will get better when washing and blocking! Will probably using this pattern as a template for further sockyarn sweaters, but probably with fronts that can be closed.
May 25th Finished 2nd 100g ball just after 6th decrease on first sleeve (so used 22.8g so far) - makes me confident the 100 g I have left will be enough and I will not have to add a different colour for the cuffs/ sleeve end.
OT: Did get my christmas present today- Alpaka Trekking with the Albtal Alpakas

May 24th Ok, way too big - frogged the sleeve cap and picked up every other row which brings me to 102 stitches, i.e. between sizes M2 and L1. Will decrease 4 stitches quickly and then follow instructions for M2
May 23d Finished front band- yeah! Used a yarnover bind off (yarnover, p1, pass yo and previous purl over) which I really like. Picked up 3 stitches every 4 rows (instead of 1 every two rows) for the armhole, which leaves me with 138 stitches all around, 69 on each side. Did the sleeve cap with quarters of 23 stitches and will decrease 20 stitches every row (i.e. 2 each row of 10 rows, then follow the decreasing guidelines for the xxl sleeve- hope this will not be too big.
May 22nd Front band with the slipped stitches is a pain in the ass to knit for my taste, especialy the second row of the pattern takes me about half an hour - however, the result is well worth it, nice, non rolling fabric with a woven look. I am on my 5th repeat and think I will do a 6th one, maybe even a 7th one.
May 8th Hibbernated for some month. Finshed the body and picked up th e front bands today. Totally messed up the first border pattern row as I included the edge stitches into the pattern repeat - gnaaaaa---
Jan 1st: Started armhole increases at back - did d70 rows straight, which means I have 35 rows for 10 cms.
Started that because I finally need a mindless project in stockinette - I can read in my e-book-Reader while knitting this… Fun so far.
My Gauge is just 25 not 26 stitches, but this should be ok - my gauge changes when knitting bitter things, so I will just check in-between.

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