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Knitting on Youtube: 7 Video Podcast Channels I Recommend

7 Youtube Channels with knitting content from Europe

Okay, since this is on Youtube Channels in English language, I felt it would be ok to do this post in English.

Wenn Du kein Englisch sprichst, wirst Du ja vermutlich auch keine englischsprachigen Youtube-Videos angucken, sondern welche auf Deutsch -  und zu denen habe ich hier schon einmal einen ausführlichen Blogpost geschrieben >>

Wenn Du Dich eher für deutschsprachige Strick-Audiopodcasts interessiert, findest Du hier meine Empfehlungen >>

So, now without further a-doe (aehm, is that written like that...?) When watching Knitting-Youtubers in English, a lot of them are from the US - like
The Knitting Expat >>
The Grocery Girls (yes, I know they are from Canda - however, yarns are form North America anyway...) >>
or Legacy Knitz >>

I like them a lot, however, they mostly recommend yarns and notions which are easily available in the US, but might not be in Europe.

As I would like to use what is available here easily, I started to look for Youtubers based in Europe - and it was no problem at all to find some great channels!

1. The Passioknit Spinner - Teresa from Rettenberg, Germany >>

Teresa (or Tracy how she calls herself in her videos) lives with her husband and her little son in Rettenberg, Allgäu. She talks about her knits (of course), but also about her spinning, sewing and sometimes embroidery. I especially enjoy her "Reading-Listening-Watching" segment, where she recommends books, videos and audiobooks. She also makes project bags and sells her handmade stuff in her etsy shop - however, I can't find it currently, so maybe she takes a break from that.
She also has some patterns on Ravelry, some for free, some for sale >>

2. The Happy Knitting Podcast - Julia from Munich, Germany >>

Another German podcaster whose channel is in English: Julia lives in Munich together with her boyfriend and talks about her knitting and sometimes spinning. She is a socks enthusiast and often recommends indie yarndyers. She also has some patterns for sale on Ravelry, mostly shawls. >>

3. Colourful Creativity Pocast - Carolin from Enschede, Netherlands >> 

Carolin is living with her husband and her two Cornish Rex cats Binx and Layla in the Netherland. She is also a glass bead maker and yarn dyer and sells her yarn in her own  Etsy shop >>.
She also has some designs for sale on Ravelry >>

4. Fluffy Fibres - Isabell from the South of France >> 

Isabelle lives in the South of France, together with her daughter, her little son and her husband. She talks about knitting, spinning, sewing and green living. From time to time, she recommends things like tea or organic fabric. She also has patterns for sale on Ravelry >>, some free like the "My Cup of Tea" Mitts, some paid for like the Bonbon or the Verdure Shawlette.

5. Arctic Knitting - Emilie from the North of Norway >> 

Emilie lives in the very North of Norway with her little son and her partner. She knits a lot of impressive stranded knits and also talks about some interesting (indie) yarn companies mostly from Scandinavia. She also has some beautiful stranded designs for sale on Ravelry >>  and she also has yarn for sale >>

6. A Wee Bit Knitty - Lena from Arendal, Norway >> 

Another Norwegian Podcast. Lena is a teacher and lives somewhere in Norway, together with her partner and her big black dog Gustav. She took a little break from podcasting, but is now back in the game - yeah! She has some patterns for sale on Ravelry >>, a lot of beautiful socks, some free, some paid for.  She also has an etsy shop where she sells stitchmarkers and some yarn >>.

7. Stitched in Sweden - Maria from Stockholm, Sweden >> 

I think Maria is from the US orginally, but now lives in Stockholm together with her boyfriend. She knits beautiful stranded project and also sews wonderful garments.
She has a number of patterns available on Ravelry >>, mostly beautiful shawls and cowls - some free, some paid for.

I also watch some other Youtube Videopodcasters in English, which I do not present in detail.
I feel a lot of those are very popular already and to not need additional promotion as much as those listed above. Nevertheless, I really like

The Bakery Bears (Kay and Dan from the UK) >>

A Homespun House (Molly from Berlin, Germany) >>

Fruity Knitting ( from Frankfurt, Germany) >>

Killtocraft Podcast (Vanessa from Wakefield,UK) >>

Little Bobins Knits (Danny from the UK) >>

Inside Number 21 (Katie from Herfortshire, UK) >>

Tilly Trout (Tilly from Norfolk, UK) >>

So, now I probably forgot YOUR favourite Knitting Youtuber, right?
Please let me know in the comments below, I am always eager to learn about new Knitting Video Podcasts!


  1. Vielen Dank für deine Tipps. Da sind doch noch einige Podcasts dabei, die ich noch nicht kenne.
    Ich wünsche dir einen guten Rutsch und alles Gute für 2018

  2. Liebe Ingrid, das wünsche ich Dir auch! Über Instagram habe ich noch mehr Empfehlungen bekommen, die werde ich bei Gelegenheit mal anschauen und in der Liste ergänzen.

  3. Thank you so much! <3 It means so much to me that you like the podcast <3

    hugs from
    Emilie of Arctic Knitting (I'm ot sure how blogspot is going to show my name it's been a while since I've used it last)


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